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Ankle Surgery - Steve J., Greater Charlotte Area

Relief and gratitude are the words that come to mind when I try to describe what Becky has done for me. I suffer from chronic pain in my ankles, feet and lower legs because of corrective bone surgery conducted 26 years ago. It was becoming intolerable -- cramps during the middle of the night that would wake me. My doctor suggested physical therapy to help improve the range of motion and reduce the pain. I chose to try trigger point massage therapy instead of a "physical therapist." I have weekly visits with Becky who works out the "knots" in the muscles that have to work overtime to compensate for the bone alignment problems brought on by the surgery. The results are amazing! I can honestly say that Becky's massage therapy has improved my symptoms and my quality of life ... I am able to sleep through the night without the cramps interfering. Thank You Becky!

Archer & Kayaker- Jonathan B., Greater Charlotte Area

I've been to a lot of massage therapists over the past few years and none has been quite as unique as my experience with Becky. While other therapists tend to simply gloss over a general area, Becky's trigger point method allows her to target pain and discomfort at the source. You will find it hard to believe that muscles in your neck can be pinpointed and yet a release can be felt down your back and arm and all the way up to your temple.

Martial Artist - Noelle D., Charlotte, NC

I love my Trigger Point Massage. As a Martial Artist, I put tremendous stress and strain on my arthritic joints. I love the exercise and the incredible release and relief from Becky's treatment!

Painful Feet - Karen H., Charlotte, NC

My work requires that I be constantly on my feet, which has resulted in a lot of problems with pain in the heels and balls of my feet, along with toe cramping. I had been to a podiatrist, gotten inserts, worn “special” shoes, yet my feet just seemed to be getting worse. I was convinced that I had to simply endure the pain. I finally got the relief I was seeking at Trigger Point Massage. Becky located trigger points in my calves and feet, providing a soothing massage that virtually eliminated the pain. However, she went beyond just giving me that instant relief. After the massage, Becky took the time to show me how I could locate those trigger points and perform daily exercises to prevent the pain from coming back. Trigger Point Massage has improved my quality of life tremendously!!

Tendinitis - Harold S., Charlotte, NC

As a client of Trigger Point Massage for my recurrent tendinitis in both of my thumbs I have been amazed at how quickly Becky Aijala has taken me out of pain. She is totally knowledgeable about the body and the treatment and care of it.

Following two 30 minute trigger point sessions in most pleasant surroundings I am not experiencing any significant pain in my thumbs or my hands.